CNN analyst explains the big mistake the Trump White House made with Cassidy Hutchinson
President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Discussing the highly anticipated testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, who previously served as the chief aide to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, Axios editor Margaret Talov explained that the Donald Trump administration made a grievous -- but common -- error in how they treated her.

Hutchinson, who has already given over 20 hours of testimony under oath to the House Jan 6th Committee, is expected to be the central figure in the surprise hearing that will be televised on Tuesday, and, as Talov explained, she probably has some bombshells to drop under questioning.

Speaking with host Poppy Harlow, the journalist explained that staffers like Hutchinson are often taken for granted -- and in the case of the former Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) intern, it could prove deadly for Donald Trump and his inner circle.

"I think we don't know at this point what she is prepared to testify to, what she is prepared to testify about," Talev told the CNN host. "When you have a person like Cassidy Hutchinson, you know, White Houses are filled with young people who are the eyes and ears in the room, and the principles, chief of staff, president, lawyers, sometimes forget about these people."

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"They just take for granted that these are the people who are there every day, that they're staffing or just keeping the wheels turning and they also take for granted that there is almost kind of lukewarm permanent loyalty baked in," she added. "January 6th, I think, tested some of the most diehard supporters of the president in terms of who they felt they served and who they had a responsibility -- and that's -- I think that's what we're going to see and hear today."

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