Not funny: Critics explain how Madison Cawthorn's 'Dark MAGA' revenge declaration could be a threat to public safety
Madison Cawthorn (Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr)

Rep. Madison Cawthorn suffered further humiliation on Thursday after calling for a "Dark MAGA" movement to defeat "cowardly and weak" Republicans.

Cawthorn's comments came two days after he became the youngest Republican congressman to lose a primary.

"There are other National figures who I believe are patriots, but I am on a mission now to expose those who say and promise one thing yet legislate and work towards another, self-profiteering, globalist goal. The time for gentile (sic) politics as usual has come to an end," he wrote. "It’s time for the rise of the new right, it’s time for Dark MAGA to truly take command."

"We have an enemy to defeat, but we will never be able to defeat them until we defeat the cowardly and weak members of our own party. Their days are numbered. We are coming," he threatened.

Cawthorn's statement generated a great deal of commentary online.

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"Dark MAGA has been a growing concept among very online Trump supporters this spring. Basically it means you stole the election from us, NOW we're going to be bad," explained Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer.

"Dark MAGA is an aesthetic built around glorifying ultraviolence and imagined revenge of Trump and allies against those who... uh... voted against him I guess," explained fact-checker Brooke Binkowski. "It should be watched."

Many ridiculed the "Dark MAGA" name.

"Dark MAGA just demanded to see its own birth certificate," wrote comedian John Fugelsang.

“For over a thousand generations, light MAGA were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before dark MAGA, before the Empire," joked attorney Bradley Moss.

"Dark MAGA sounds like a fruitcake gone bad," wrote Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA). "Like, wow what is that dark MAGA rotting on that plate?"

"Dark MAGA' is the dorkiest term that will ever be used by a shooter in mass murder," wrote comedian Mike Drucker.

Bestselling author Don Winslow told Cawthorn to "save us the dark MAGA takeover BS and just tell everyone more about the Republican coke and orgies parties."

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