Trump has two paths to kill the GOP's 2024 chances if he is denied the nomination: biographer
Donald Trump (Photo by Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

During an appearance with MSNBC host Ali Velshi, Donald Trump biographer David Cay Johnston stated that, should the former president pursue his dream of a third presidential run, it will take the Republican Party down three paths -- none of which will be good for the GOP's prospects of regaining the White House.

Speaking with the host, Johnston claimed having the former president at the top of the ticket would be a big win for Democrats who see him as eminently beatable. He noted it could be even worse if he is denied his third run as a Republican.

"I think going forward there are three likely outcomes," he told the MSNBC host.

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"One is Donald gets the Republican nomination because he is able to turn out his minority of people who win the primaries; the Democrats should be very happy if that happens," he ticked off. "Secondly, he does not get the nomination and runs as an independent, which would allow the Democrats to run virtually anybody and win the White House."

"But the third possibility is that Donald seeing that he would be overwhelmingly trounced and labeled a loser -- a word he hates with a passion -- will tell his supporters to boycott voting," he suggested.

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