Trump supporter arrested after charging police line at DC 'March for Life’: report
(Twitter/Zachary Petrizzo)

An apparent supporter of former president Donald Trump was arrested in Washington on Friday after reportedly charging a police line during the anti-abortion March for Life.

"A Washington DC police official confirms to The Daily Beast that one Trump hat-wearing woman was arrested today at the 'March for Life' after she charged the police line near the hate group Patriot Front and a taser fell out of her coat," the Daily Beast's Zachary Petrizzo reported.

Petrizzo posted a photo of the woman wearing a pink Trump hat, seated on a curb apparently in handcuffs, and surrounded by police officers.

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He also posted multiple videos documenting how members of the white nationalist group Patriot Front "derailed" the march.

"The hate group Patriot Front has shown up at the DC anti-choice march," Petrizzo reported. "The white nationalist organization now appears stuck in the middle of the march route. The ‘March for Life’ has been derailed by the white nationalist & neo-Nazi hate group Patriot Front."

Later, he wrote that members of Patriot Front were "wandering through DC as their leader attempts to organize a U-Haul pick up."

"A UHaul came to pick up flags near Capital One Arena and now the neo-Nazi marchers are getting on to the DC metro," he reported.

Earlier this month, Patriot Front members similarly tried to infiltrate an anti-choice march in Chicago.

In December, hundreds of Patriot Front members marched through DC to the Capitol, sparking concerns as the anniversary of the Jan. 6 insurrection approached.

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