DOJ confirms probe of fake Trump electoral certificates: 'Our prosecutors are looking' at referrals
Trump speaks at the "Stop the Steal" rally on Jan. 6. (Screenshot via

The Department of Justice confirmed for the first time Tuesday that federal prosecutors are investigating fake pro-Trump electoral certificates submitted by Republicans in several states in December 2020.

The certificates were submitted to the National Archives by GOP electors in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and New Mexico.

Trump campaign officials, led by the former president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, reportedly oversaw efforts to put forward the fake electors. Last week, a former Trump aide appeared on national TV and admitted to his role in organizing the fake electoral certificates.

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At least two state attorneys general have said they referred investigations into the fake electoral certificates to the Department of Justice. Michigan AG Dana Nessel, a Democrat, has said she believes those responsible for the fake electoral certificates violated multiple state and federal laws.

On Tuesday, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco told CNN: "We've received those referrals. Our prosecutors are looking at those and I can't say anything more on ongoing investigations."

"Monaco did not go into detail about what else prosecutors are looking at from the partisan attempt to subvert the 2020 vote count," CNN reported. "She said that, more broadly, the Justice Department was 'going to follow the facts and the law, wherever they lead, to address conduct of any kind and at any level that is part of an assault on our democracy.' This is the first time that the Justice Department has commented on requests from lawmakers and state officials that the it investigate the fake certifications."

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