Judge Cannon 'has humiliated herself' as the Supreme Court refuses to step in: Morning Joe
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Reacting to the Supreme Court wanting nothing to do with Donald Trump's latest appeal while he is under investigation on multiple fronts, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said the rebuke not only was a shot back at the former president but also a major rebuke of Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon.

On Thursday they declined to take up Trump's full complaint about the special master looking at the government documents the former president took with him to Mar-a-Lago.

That led former RNC head Michael Steele to sum up their refusal as a curt: "Hell, no. Go back home. This isn't going to work."

According to MSNBC legal analyst Ken Dilanian, the Supreme Court's decision to not intervene, combined with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals' constant rebukes of Judge Cannon, are not good signs for Trump and his handpicked judge.

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"This is about as strong a rebuke as you can imagine," he told the panel. "A one-sentence order, not a single justice, not even Clarence Thomas finding any reason to put any stock in the arguments made by Trump's lawyers, and remember, that was an 80-page brief, full of extraneous arguments, none of which persuaded any Supreme Court justice."

"I have read some of the rulings to see how conservative they are and they're really conservative," host Scarborough offered. "Like things that were just, --but again, I think what Michael said bears repeating. There are outliers, there are always outliers, and Judge Cannon has humiliated herself and does seem to be the aberration here."

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