Trump fundraising showing 'bad signs' as the walls close in: Morning Joe
Donald Trump (Photo by Brendan Smialowski for AFP)

Reacting to a report from Puck News, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough claimed the tepid response from Donald Trump donors after he sent out a fundraising appeal with his legal problems mounting should be causing panic amongst his re-election campaign staff.

Late Thursday, Puck's Tara Palmieri reported, "The $1.5 million that Donald Trump has allegedly raised off his looming indictment appears to be causing some agitation within the former president’s orbit, likely because, as insiders will agree, $1.5 million isn’t actually a huge sum compared to his past scandal-adjacent fundraising blitzes," before adding, "his best fundraising days may be behind him."

Picking up on that on Friday morning, the Morning Joe host noted that the former president appears to have "tapped out" his small-dollar donors with his constant demands for cash and that does not bode well if he gets the 2024 Republican Party presidential nomination.

"Puck noted last night that people around Donald Trump see this as a bad sign," the MSNBC host began. "His fundraising prowess is dried up, he's worn out all of these lists, he sent spam out for six years, seven years. the small money donations just aren't coming in."

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"You know, right after 'Access Hollywood,' he raised $11.5 million off of small donors," he continued. "After the FBI raid last summer at Mar-a-Lago, as he called it, he raised $2 million in two days. now he's raised $1.5 million over the week."

"People around Trump, in Trump's orbit, are going, like, this is a really bad sign for the coming campaign," he added. "He's completely worn out the small donors. All the big donors, of course, are going to the guy in Tallahassee, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL)."

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