Timeline comes into focus for possible Trump prosecution in Georgia
President Donald Trump walks from the west wing of the White House to Marine One in 2017. (Shutterstock.com)

A Georgia prosecutor offered a preview of where her investigation of former President Donald Trump is headed.

Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis gave an update of the special grand jury investigation into Trump's efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss, saying during a press conference on an unrelated case that she expected her probe to conclude by January, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“As you know, many people are unsuccessfully fighting our subpoenas,” Willis told reporters. “We will continue to fight to make sure that the grand jury and the public gets the truth, and I am very hopeful by the end of the year that I’ll be able to send this grand jury on their way.”

A judge on Monday rejected Gov. Brian Kemp's attempt to block his testimony in the case, but agreed that his deposition should be postponed until after November's election, when he's facing a rematch against Democrat Stacey Abrams, and Willis bristled when a reporter suggested she had politicized the probe.

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“I’ve been very specific and determined to get rid of that accusation that this is just some political stunt and we were trying to impact the election,” Willis said.

Trump's anger at Kemp has seemingly cooled in recent months, and he has stopped calling for the governor's defeat, but the state's Democrats say he's “terrified of angering Trump and getting bullied again.”

“The question for Kemp is the same as ever: Do you stand with truth or Trump? You can’t have it both ways,” Jason Carter, the Democratic nominee for governor in 2014. “The sad thing is, he knows it. He knows Trump is a dangerous bully and he still won’t stand up to him.”

If the special grand jury issues a recommendation for possible criminal charges by early next year, Willis could then convene a regular grand jury, which is authorized to hand up indictments.

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