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Donald Trump and his allies insist his indictment will only help his 2024 election chances, but two people who've known him for years think he's humiliated to finally face criminal charges.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and the Rev. Al Sharpton, who knew Trump long before he entered politics, said his indictment on charges related to the hush money payoff to porn actress Stormy Daniels have already dented the former president's confidence.

"Politics aside this is something unfolding for 50 years," Scarborough said. "Donald Trump has always been one step ahead of whether it is prosecutors or bankruptcy laws or contract disputes always, always fighting, always trying to get out of the trap always somehow seeming to be above the law ... This is something that he has been skating on thin ice for many, many years now."

Sharpton agreed that Trump wouldn't like the feeling that the ice had cracked underneath him.

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"Donald Trump's heroes were Roy Cohn, a lawyer that was the defense attorney for mobsters," Sharpton said. "He loved to play the game of 'I can get away with this and that,' which is why I think people underestimate when they say that the New York case may be the weakest legal case, and we don't know that because we don't know what the legal case is yet until we see the indictment unsealed, because there could be more there than Stormy Daniels."

"We'll see, but what I think they don't know is this is the most humiliating for Donald Trump because he is going to be brought in New York where he played the outsider and... he will be hauled into court... and be arraigned, saying we told you he was nothing but a crook. He was a scam artist would rather be arraigned anywhere than Lower Manhattan and discredited forever. This is going to be the ultimate humiliation for the guy that played the rat running from the whatever all of a sudden he gets caught, and he gets caught where it is most humiliating for him."

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