Morning Joe cracks up at reports that generals had to explain Nazi history to Trump
Joe Scarborough laughs about former President Donald Trump (Screen cap via MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough cracked up at reports that Donald Trump was unaware that Adolf Hitler's generals plotted to assassinate him.

New York Times reporter Peter Baker revealed in a New Yorker piece written with his wife Susan Glasser that Trump expected U.S. generals to extend personal loyalty to him, the way he believed Nazi generals had to Hitler, and he told "Morning Joe" that those military officials had to explain World War II history to the former president.

"He viewed them as people who should be loyal to him in a personal way, which then went against the grain for the professionalized military, which doesn't see their role as being political actors," Baker said. "They don't want to be politicized. You had this war for four years, long before Jan. 6, between a commander in chief and the generals who thought that he was a danger to the country."

"At one point, he was so frustrated the generals weren't loyal enough to him, he asked them why they weren't like the German generals in World War II, which astonished John Kelly, a retired four-star general and then his chief of staff," Baker added. "He said, 'You know they tried to kill Hitler, right?'"

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Scarborough cackled in astonishment at the tale, and thanked God that those generals pushed back against Trump's corruption.

"It's crazy," Scarborough said. "The part where they had to explain, 'Well, you know the German generals did try to kill Hitler.' It's all very frightening -- 'Why can't you be like the German generals? Which ones? The ones in World War II' -- is horrifying, and shows that, well, when I call him a fascist, maybe I'm on to something."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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