Trump under the gun to announce his 2024 presidential run -- here's why
Donald Trump (Photo by Chandan Khanna for AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC's "Way Too Early" on Monday morning, NBC's Jonathan Allen elaborated on a piece he wrote over the weekend about anxiety growing in Donald Trump's inner circle about a 2024 presidential run announcement.

Previously having written, "While many Trump confidants believe he should wait until after November's midterm elections — and caution that he has not yet made a final decision about running — some say he could move more quickly to harness supporters and deny fuel to the busload of GOP hopefuls in his rearview mirror," Allen explained to host Jonathan Lemire that recent developments are putting pressure on Trump to announce sooner rather than later.

At issue is the looming presence of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), whose profile is rising by the day.

"At a Colorado conservative conference Saturday, Florida Governor DeSantis once again bested former President Trump in a straw poll for the 2024 presidential election," Lemire explained. "Attendees at the Western Conservative Summit, organized by the Centennial Institute, were asked about 31 possible 2014 presidential contenders. DeSantis came out on top with 74% of the votes, while Trump got 71% in this straw poll."

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That, in turn, led Allen to explain that DeSantis can't make an immediate jump into the 2024 presidential race because he is still running for governor and will be on the ballot in November. Allen added that has placed Trump under the gun to announce before the midterm election if he has any hope of keeping DeSantis out of the the race at all.

"He [DeSantis] can't start running for president before his election in Florida, meaning Trump has a window between now and the election date to get in before DeSantis, which might have the effect of boxing DeSantis out," Allen explained. "Most people believe DeSantis is the person who is strongest other than Trump right now in the Republican circles, of course, it's early."

"We've seen straw winners before, like former President Ron Paul and former President Michelle Bachman," he joked before cautioning, "Take the straw polls with a grain of salt, but it is certainly true when you talk to Republican voters there's a lot of energy for DeSantis. Trump wants to take that oxygen away from him before it becomes a conflict."

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