Trump complains FBI made him look 'like a slob' with photo of stolen documents on office floor
Dopnald Trump speaks at rally -- (Photo by Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

Former President Donald Trump complained on Thursday that the FBI made him look like a "slob" by sharing a photograph of stolen government documents on the floor of his Mar-a-Lago office.

"They went to an area and that area is my office, I presume," Trump told radio host John Fredericks. "That area is very neat. I'm a very neat person. Everything is clean. Everything's buttoned up and they took documents and they put them all over the floor."

"And then they deceptively put out that picture," he said of a photo provided by the DOJ in a court filing. "People think that when you walk into my office, I have confidential documents or whatever it may be -- all declassified -- but I have confidential documents spread out all over my floor, like a slob, like I'm sitting there reading these documents all day long or somebody else would be."

Trump called the photograph of stolen documents "so dishonest."

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"They put them there, John, and they put them there in a messy fashion and they took a picture and they released it to the public and this is what we're dealing with with these people," the former president said.

Trump also celebrated that his "poll numbers have gone through the roof because of it."

"I've never been involved in an event that's driven me up like this," he laughed. "I'm leading by like 18 points in Ohio. I'm leading big in Pennsylvania, by the way."

Watch the video below or at this link.