Trump positions himself as the peace candidate -- but 'Republicans just don't buy it'
Donald Trump addresses supporters at the Peabody Opera House in Downtown Saint Louis in 2016. (Gino Santa Maria /

Donald Trump is trying to position himself as the anti-war candidate heading into the Republican primary campaign.

The former president has bashed President Joe Biden's handling of Afghanistan and Ukraine, where he vaguely insists he could achieve peace in 24 hours or less, and he has attacked would-be Republican rivals as "globalist" and "neo-conservative," reported Politico.

“Trump is the peace president and he’s the first president in two generations to not start a war," said one source close to the Trump campaign, "whereas if you look at [Gov. Ron] DeSantis’ congressional record, he’s voted for more engagement and more military engagement overseas."

“Trump is the only person who has said no more funding for the Ukraine war," that source added. "I haven’t heard Nikki Haley say anything like that ... Pompeo or Pence? Where do they stand on Ukraine?”

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Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence have each called for the U.S. to fund the Ukrainian war against Russia and criticized the Biden administration for not doing enough, but another former Trump administration official who's mulling a 2024 presidential run said the former president would prove vulnerable on foreign policy.

“He doesn’t have policy on much of anything, he has Donald Trump,” said former national security adviser John Bolton. “So his most recent musing is that if he were president he could solve Ukraine-Russia dispute in 24 hours — I think it is so ridiculous it falls on its own weight."

"I think people over time and self-identified Republicans just don’t buy it," Bolton added.