Fake Homeland Security official who tried to dupe Secret Service pleads guilty
Washington, D.C. United States Attorney's office

One of the two men who pretended to be Homeland Security officials to dupe the Secret Service has pleaded guilty, CNBC reported Monday afternoon.

It has been four months since Arian Taherzadeh and a friend were arrested after being accused of impersonating federal law enforcement and misleading Secret Service agents, including at least one of those assigned to protect first lady Dr. Jill Biden.

Haider Ali is the other cohort who participated in the scheme. Together the two men collected a cache of weapons and police equipment in a high-end apartment complex south of the White House on the Potomac.

"In addition to federal conspiracy, Taherzadeh, 40, as part of his plea also admitted guilt to two District of Columbia offenses: unlawful possession of a large-capacity ammunition feeding device and voyeurism," the report said.

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In addition to the scam against the Secret Service, Taherzadeh filmed women having sex in an apartment where he set up surveillance cameras, which resulted in the latter charge.

He faces a possible sentence of five years in prison, but federal sentencing guidelines suggest between 37 months and 46 months.

The scandal added to a growing list of problems that the Secret Service faces after it was revealed they deleted all communications on Jan. 5 and 6, which had been requested by Congress. Laws mandate that all federal agencies retain documents to submit to the National Archives. There is now a criminal probe underway.

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