Fani Willis could pull together racketeering case based on fake Trump electors: reporter
Fani Willis on Facebook.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis could bring racketeering charges over the scheme to seat fake electors for former President Donald Trump in Georgia, NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard explained on MSNBC Friday.

Hillyard explained how this could work, during a discussion of how Willis recently announced an August timetable for indictments and made changes to prosecutors' work schedules.

"So this is even more signaling about when it would happen during the summer," said anchor Katy Tur. "She's also asking for security, or she has asked for security around that courthouse. It does seem to indicate that we know where this is going."

"Right," said Hillyard. "I mean, I don't think she would be giving it quite this much attention if she didn't feel like she had a case to present. It was this letter that not only went to the chief judge in Fulton County, but also 20 other county officials, including the sheriff's office here, really setting up the stakes, the apparatus in Atlanta for security is not like that of New York City. Let's be very clear here, and Donald Trump has not only said that she should be ousted from her position but taken personal direct attacks and all of those attacks are coming while she continues this process, already in a court filing this month, it's been indicated that eight of those fake electors have agreed to immunity deals with her. This is still very active. It's not like she's just sitting and waiting to seek an indictment later this summer. This is actively taking place, these negotiations."

"Remind us who else might be in the cross hairs of this," said Tur. "Donald Trump, maybe the electors who do not have immunity, and Rudy Giuliani?"

"Rudy Giuliani, you'll recall, there in December, I was standing outside of the Georgia State Capitol, as inside he was taking part in an official government proceeding. And part of the charges that are currently being considered are the attempts to influence government officials, and what he was doing was spreading conspiracy theories in a government setting here, and we're intentionally looking at racketeering charges."

"You have eight individuals already agreeing to immunity. Eight fake electors, the racketeering charges do not have to prove that there was a grand scheme, right, a conspiracy among all of these individuals to commit a crime, but what they have to prove for these racketeering charges would be that there were multiple individuals who had the same crime intended, and if Fani Willis believes that she is able to prove there was a direct effort to overturn the 2020 election, and multiple individuals involved here, that's why it's important to get some of the individuals, fake electors to agree to cooperate with her. And the next few months will be big ahead of the next three weeks in August."

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Vaughn Hillyard explains how Fani Willis could charge racketeering over fake electors