Trump is a 'counterintelligence nightmare' and FBI wasn't just looking for his 'Kim Jong-un love letters': CNN analyst
Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

Former FBI agent Asha Rangappa told CNN on Tuesday that she doubted that the Federal Bureau of Investigation would have executed a search warrant at former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort without a good reason.

In breaking down the news of the search at Trump's resort, Rangappa explained why Trump presents unique risks to national security, especially given the revelations that he has been storing classified documents inside Mar-a-Lago where they could be targeted by foreign operatives.

"Trump is sort of a counterintelligence nightmare," she said. "In addition to blabbing secrets, Mar-a-Lago has a lot of traffic, including traffic from foreigners and including possible trespassers from foreign intelligence services... someone was arrested there several years ago."

She also said it was highly unlikely that the FBI would have taken the politically explosive step of searching Mar-a-Lago unless the documents it believed he possessed were of significant importance to national security.

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"These aren't just the Kim Jong-un love letters," she said, referring to Trump's friendly correspondence with the North Korean dictator. "These are possibly secrets that could really harm national security and so I think they want to make sure... before they take this extreme step."

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Trump is a 'counter-intelligence nightmare': former FBI agent