FBI felt 'urgency' to look for Mar-a-Lago documents because Trump has 'poor counterintelligence hygiene': legal expert
Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago (Photo via the White House)

Appearing on MSNBC the morning after the FBI executed a search at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, a Florida prosecutor claimed that the suddenness of the visit led him to believe that there are grave concerns that the former president may be jeopardizing national security.

During his appearance on "Morning Joe" hosts, Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg was asked, "Do you expect that we'll hear something from the Justice Department or from the FBI today or in the near future?"

"I think that that really depends on what violations they are actually investigating," he replied. "You know, I think it is important to remember that, because these involve classified documents, this is a national security investigation. I think the kind of classified information that would be in the White House, that Trump would have access to, these aren't going to be low-level, diplomatic cables. These are high-level, national security documents."

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"I think part of the urgency here is that Trump has very poor counterintelligence hygiene," he continued. "He blabs secrets all the time. He is not careful about this kind of information. We also know Mar-a-Lago has been a target for foreign governments trying to get access to information. There was a trespasser several years ago who was arrested there, who was believed to be linked to the Chinese intelligence service. So I think that they want to make sure that they get these out of an unsecure location and out of potential hands that shouldn't have it."

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