Former MAGA Senate candidate says Madison Cawthorn is right -- and GOP is loaded with 'drug-sniffing' child traffickers
Lauren Witzke

On Thursday, Lauren Witzke, the far-right former Republican Senate nominee for Delaware, claimed on The Stew Peters Show that Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) "exposed" the GOP as child traffickers with his recent assertion that Republican members of Congress engage in drug-fueled orgies — an unsubstantiated claim that has gotten him broadly disowned by many Republican officials in his state.

The claim came during a discussion of the sex trafficking ring of the late billionaire wealth manager Jeffrey Epstein, and the people who may have patronized his parties.

"We will never know who was on that list, and we know that there was [sic] seated Representatives on that list, the most powerful people in the world were buying a service from Jeffrey Epstein," said Witzke. "They were buying children. They were buying prostitutes from Jeffrey Epstein, and we will never know because there is no justice in this country."

"When we hear congressmen like Congressman Cawthorn speak out in this manner, we have to applaud them," said co-host Edward Szall. "We have to stand with them because what he's doing is he's showing us behind the scenes. He's showing us behind the curtain. The emperor's not just naked, the emperor's having sex with a kid. Okay?"

"Yes," said Witzke. "And not only that, now [House Minority Leader Kevin] McCarthy's getting involved. He heard about it. It sparked some outrage. It's upset some people in the GOP that Madison Cawthorn would have the audacity to expose them for the orgy-attending, drug-sniffing, children-raping people that they are."

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Witzke is a virulent conspiracy theorist and Christian nationalist who has previously peddled the QAnon movement, which holds that the world is run by secret Satan-worshiping child traffickers who consume human flesh to achieve immortality. She has also claimed the earth is flat, endorsed the idea of Trump becoming an absolute monarch, and praised Vladimir Putin as a symbol of Christian piety. She made news last year after the TSA blocked her from flying to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's conspiracy theory "cyber symposium" on election fraud.

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