Watch: George Santos insists he has ‘lived an honest life’ — but won’t say where his money came from
(War Room/Screenshot)

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) insisted that he's lived an honest life, despite the unraveling of major portions of his biography, but he refused to say where he's gotten his money.

The embattled New York Republican, who's under investigation by county prosecutors back home, the Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Election Commission, appeared on the "War Room" podcast with Rep. Matt Gaetz, who filled in for host Steve Bannon while he made a court appearance.

"Embellishing one's resume isn't a crime, it's frankly how a lot of people get to Congress," Gaetz said. "We want everyone to be honest, and again, you've acknowledged that and you're working for it going forward. One of the principal critiques I've heard is that a lot of money was donated to your campaign by you -- $700,000, I believe. Where did it come from?"

Santos declined to answer and instead referred to conspiracy theories about President Joe Biden and his family.

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"Well, I'll tell you where it didn't come from, it didn't come from China Ukraine or Burisma -- how about that?" Santos said.

Gaetz laughed and accepted that as answer.

"I also put money into my campaign when I ran, I had to sell some of the property that I had acquired in my life in order to fund something that I really believed in," Gaetz said, "and, you know, when I was raising money for different charities, I always tried to put my own money in first, and so, you know, when you donated that money to your campaign, is there anything else you can say about the work you did that was the origin of of those resources?"

Santos again declined to offer specifics about where his money and its origins.

"Look, I've I've worked my entire life," Santos said. "I've lived an honest life. I've never been accused of, of any bad doings so, you know, it's my it's the equity of my hard working self and I've invested inside of me. Like I said, it didn't come from Burisma, it didn't come from Ukraine, Russia, China, unlike some folks that we all know that get money from those sources."

George Santos insists he has ‘lived an honest life’ — but won’t say where his money came from