An 'unholy trinity of bad things' are crippling the GOP's midterm hopes: political analyst
Senators John Barrasso, Mitch McConnell, John Thune (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

According to political analyst John Heilemann, earlier in the year the Republican Party was anticipating a "landslide" in the November midterm elections due to rising inflation and the declining popularity of President Joe Biden but those hopes have gone by the wayside due to what he called the "unholy trinity of bad things" that have cropped up since.

Speaking with "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough, the analyst suggested it would take a major sea change for the GOP to take majority control in both chambers in Congress because they didn't anticipate the impact the mass shooting in Uvalde, the conservative Supreme Court gutting Roe v Wade protections and the amount of damage the Jan. 6 hearings would inflict upon the entire party.

"We're both students of history," he told the host, "and in a midterm election where the in-power president had his approval rating in the 30's and the main economic variable for a lot of people in their lives which is inflation, even though it's getting more under control and it's way too high and people talk about it all of the time, out here in America and in circumstances like that, you should be looking at a landslide for Republicans."

"And I think Republicans thought that's what they were looking at as recently as the spring and then a bunch of stuff happened and then I think, you know, we got a holy trinity or an unholy trinity of bad things for Republicans," he elaborated.

"And the first of them being the Uvalde shooting, raising the gun issue. The second being the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and the 1/6 committee hearings putting Donald Trump back in the spotlight and those three things have created, not just a messaging opportunity for Democrats who do want to knit them together and turn them into a national message about Republicans being the party of extremists."

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"The Republicans were leading in the congressional, generic ballot basically from May and early June and all of a sudden Democrats are in a place they shouldn't be and that tells you something about how potentially extraordinary a historic year this is," he continued. "If they can buck the two big factors and hold the House of Representatives or even limit their losses in the House of Representatives, that would be an amazing thing and that'll tell you how much Republicans have screwed this up."

Heilemann and Scarborough later mocked some of the GOP candidates who are flailing in the polls, with the analyst pointing out that Donald Trump-backed Mehmet Oz is trailing badly in Pennsylvania with Heilemann laughing, "He's getting beat right now by a candidate who had a stroke and wasn't on the campaign trail in an active way for the last few months," and then adding, "How bad is Herschel Walker, one of the most famous people in the state of Georgia and he's quickly become a laughing stock."

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