Son of jailed Capitol rioter says Trump should 'absolutely' get prison time
Donald Trump at the United Nations (Photo via AFP)

Appearing on CNN's "New Day," the son of a Jan. 6 Capitol rioter said his father deserved the harsh prison sentence that he received on Monday -- and that Donald Trump should join him in jail.

Speaking with host Brianna Keilar, Jackson Reffitt was asked how he felt about his father, Guy Reffitt of Texas, who was sentenced to 87 months in jail for carrying a weapon to the Capitol after attending the "Stop the Steal" rally at the behest of the former president.

Parting company with his mother who claimed after the sentencing that the Capitol attackers -- including Ashli Babbitt -- were "patriots," Jackson Reffitt called out the "off the rails" violence of the day after being asked about his father's upcoming jail time.

"How are you feeling? How are you reacting to this sentence?" host Keilar asked.

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"I mean, I'm not happy at all, I haven't been happy to this whole situation. No one in my family has either, but to say I'm surprised would be a lie," he replied. "I mean, everything my dad did, he's his own person and his action has consequences, but I'm not happy at all."

"Do you think he deserves this length of the sentence?" the CNN host pressed.

"I mean, absolutely, he deserves some time," he replied. "Whether to -- for anything, to rehabilitate, for his mental health, he deserves a lot of safety nets. But, yes, he does."

"It seems like, you know, your sister Peyton, listening to her, she feels kind of caught in the middle of this," Keilar prompted. "She's there at the courthouse, she loves you, she made that clear yesterday. She thinks that your dad, if he's getting this time, that Trump should be getting some time. What do you say to that?"

Reffitt, who turned his father in, shot back, "Absolutely. When she said that, I was flabbergasted. Not only was I impressed with her, she's so right."

"My dad was used as a puppet, and thousands of families have been," he continued. "Whether you agree with that, it's a fact at this point. It is disgusting to see that someone with practically money and social power can just get away with manipulating thousands of people just for whatever reason and have no outcome."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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