GOP ‘seems to be in self-destruct mode’ with ‘petulant’ votes and ‘crackpot’ candidates: Morning Joe

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough flipped the narrative that Republicans are "evil geniuses" and Democrats are too beset by infighting to win elections.

The "Morning Joe" host said that dynamic was belied by recent evidence showing Republicans opposing broadly popular policies and fumbling away a chance to retake congressional majorities by nominating fringe candidates, and he said the political immolation almost seemed intentional.

"You start looking at things over the last couple months where you have the Republican Party openly opposing veteran healthcare, a plan that veterans who fought for us in Iraq and Afghanistan desperately need," Scarborough said. "You have Republicans who said they would not take part in a Jan. 6 Committee hearing to get to the bottom of an attempted fascist takeover of American politics, and now they're complaining about the fact that they are not at the table."

"You have them opposing a bill to keep us competitive with China, something everybody knows we need -- we need to build these plants in the United States, it is absolutely critical -- they vote against that out of petulance," Scarborough added. "They vote against that, and then you look at these bills on the state level -- I'm sorry, I need to keep going because it is so crazy, the miscalculations they are making. They are against universal background checks when 90 percent of Americans support them. They're passing legislation at the state level that are making 10-year-old victims flee their states in fear that they might get arrested or something terrible might happen to them if they don't have a forced pregnancy, and I could go on and on."

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"This is a party that seems to be in self-destruct mode, and they don't seem to be terribly bright," he concluded. "Just look at Dr. [Mehmet] Oz, look at the San Francisco venture capitalist [J.D. Vance] in Ohio. Look at the crackpots and the kooks they are about to nominate in Arizona. This is a party that is in self- destruct mode every day."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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