Herschel Walker makes it clear he really doesn't understand how pronouns work
Herschel Walker (Photo via Herschel Walker Facebook page)

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) aired an ad last week that showed perplexed Georgia citizens trying to figure out what Herschel Walker was talking about in some of the more infamous public speeches. Now one of those strange comments from Walker has been somewhat explained.

Walker gave a speech at a Jackson County, Georgia warehouse last month with a cisgender swimmer from the University of Kentucky that has been campaigning for Republicans complaining about making fifth place in a swim meet against a transgender college swimmer, reported LGBTQ Nation. The fifth-place swimmer, Riley Gaines actually lost to four other cisgender female swimmers. Instead of working hard to beat the other women, she is competing against, she has been traveling around the country attacking transgender people.

"That’s like having Herschel Walker compete against your daughter,” Walker said about himself in the third person. He's a cisgender male and not a transgender woman. "You don’t want me to compete against your daughter, do you?"

"I will get men out of women’s sports,” Walker promised. No one is pushing men to compete in women's sports. It isn't an issue. “I’ll tell you the definition of a man and a woman, because it’s in the Bible. A man and a woman are two different people."

“Pronouns? What’s a pronoun? I can tell you, a grenade don’t care about their pronouns,” Walkers said about transgender people serving in the military. Walker has never served, despite falsely claiming he had a "military career."

Speaking before a small crowd with Republican allies Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), Walker talked about officers who put uniforms on and are transformed.

“They almost got me caught up in that elevator," Walker said discussing policing. "Thinking we need to reform the police 'cause I was thinking, he was a bad one. But then, I was no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. They're not talking me down that elevator. Why don't we reform the citizen too? Because maybe they should show respect. Show respect to that officer because that officer has on a uniform. He needs to be able to put that uniform on to go to work. He's going to work like you put your work uniform on. So, while he puts that uniform on, he’s a mom; he’s a dad; he’s a sister; she’s a brother. So, I'll tell you right now what we've got to do is show respect to these officers.”

Walker has made a number of bizarre statements over the past year he's been running for office. Speaking of police, Walker was given many honorary badges and went so far as to claim that he was an actual police officer as a result of the badge. Those who gave Walker the badges have said that he is not a member of any law enforcement.

Despite a campaign for a government post, Walker said last month that he needed to "get rid of the government" to enact his climate policy.

Walker has had a rough week after admitting he didn't live in Georgia. Instead, he lives in Texas, declaring that his home on his "homestead exemption" for his taxes was not the state he intended to represent.

See the bizarre moment in the video below:

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