'If Republicans had any shame they’d be ashamed' of Herschel Walker: Charlie Sykes
Herschel Walker (Photo via Herschel Walker Facebook page)

Conservative Charlie Sykes joined the voices in shock and disgust over Herschel Walker's story about a bull impregnating a bunch of cows on Tuesday.

The moment happened when Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) came to Georgia to help prop up the former NFL player after one of his former lovers accused him of paying for her abortion.

Walker responded by saying he didn't even know who the woman was, but it turns out she also has one of his children, refusing to get an abortion the second time for him. She said this week that she had to pressure him to give her the money for the abortion that he can't remember. He also doesn't understand why he would need to talk to her now, he said.

There are a number of children that Walker has fathered over the course of his life due to his history of unprotected casual sex. The news came as Walker was campaigning on "family values" and living a life motivated by his Christian values. By contrast, Walker is running against Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA), who is an actual pastor.

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Speaking to MSNBC on Wednesday, Sykes watched the faces of Scott and Cotton as they looked on during Walker's bizarre story of the promiscuous bull, desperate to jump the fence to find more cows.

"I'm guessing that those senators and staffers were hoping that Herschel Walker would come up with a different story other than the horny bull impregnating multiple cows tale," said Sykes. "If the Republicans had any sense of shame whatsoever, they would be ashamed of the way that this is playing out. I mean, it's the accumulation of scandals and hypocrisy involving Herschel Walker, not just the abortion but the growing evidence of the multiple children that he essentially abandoned. The text messages showing he had little contact at all with some of his children."

Walker was also accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife and one of his many children, who once supported him but recently came out against him.

"The political reality is the Republicans are stuck with him," said Sykes. "They need him to win in order to take control of the Senate. Frankly, they just don't care. They are going to continue to back him no matter what he did, no matter what he says, no matter how manifestly unfit he is for office because it's all about control."

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