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Alabama University School of Law Professor Joyce White Vance made a key observation that she believes indicates the direction of special counsel Jack Smith in the ongoing investigation of former President Donald Trump.

Speaking to MSNBC's Joy Reid on Monday, Vance was asked about former SDNY US Attorney Preet Bharara's statement that it was unlikely that the special counsel would be able to attract high-profile lawyers to his team unless prosecutions were forthcoming.

Vance said that Bharara's assessment was spot on.

"There is a serious path for DOJ to charge in this case," she explained. "And based on the publicly available evidence, I think that's abundantly clear. Might DOJ internally have information that we are not aware of that could make it difficult or impossible to charge the former president? That's always something that you have to think about in an investigation. But to Preet's point here, you've got two very serious people with prosecutorial chops, who left their jobs to join the special counsel team. People don't do that unless there is, as he says, a serious path to prosecution. And I think we will see this come to a head earlier in the new year."

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Vance also wanted to enforce that the case isn't like an episode of "Law and Order" where the investigation takes 15 minutes and a conviction is secured by the end of the hour.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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