Idaho Republican ‘just made it so much worse’ with latest comments on white nationalism: GOP lawmaker
Janice McGeachin for Governor on Facebook.

The Lt. Governor of Idaho is digging herself a deeper hole as she continues to discuss why she delivered a video message at a white nationalist conference.

"Facing simmering outrage over her decision to deliver a taped speech to a white-nationalist conference in Orlando last month, Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin insisted she did not know the infamous Holocaust denier who organized the event," The Daily Beast reported Friday. "But somehow, McGeachin can’t stop talking about her craven appeal to some of the most hateful actors in American politics. And on Thursday, in a new interview defending her role in the American First Political Action Conference (AFPAC)—which also featured speaker Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and was organized by white nationalist Nick Fuentes — McGeachin seemed to put an end to her wink and nod act."

In the interview with far-right Valiant News, McGeachin admitted, “I did know who I was talking to, who had invited me to speak at the conference."

McGeachin is endorsed by Donald Trump in her primary campaign against Republican Gov. Brad Little.

"Whether her continuing to dish on a speech that has pissed off virtually everyone who is not an extremist in her state will pay political dividends in a 2022 gubernatorial primary remains to be seen," The Beast reported. "The push-back continues to be bipartisan, albeit far less decisive from her own party. 'I feel like this TV defense just made it so much worse,' one Idaho GOP state senator, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of professional retaliation, told The Daily Beast on Friday."

Also on Friday, the Take Back Idaho PAC, which is run by prominent establishment Republicans backing Little, blasted McGeachin and Ammon Bundy for doxing a local judge.

“The vast majority of Idahoans reject political violence, including threats against our hospitals, public servants, doctors, and social workers. Today, Ammon Bundy called on national militia members to come to the home of an Idaho judge tomorrow at 10 a.m. Meanwhile, Idaho’s largest hospital is experiencing threats of violence and strained resources caused by protesters jamming their phone lines, disrupting emergency care, and harassing their doctors, staff, and patients. This is unacceptable to all who value the rule of law and basic decency," the group said. "From the minute the news broke of an at-risk baby being protected by law enforcement and health care providers, Ammon Bundy and Janice McGeachin have capitalized on the suffering of this baby for political gain, fundraising, and to incite political violence."

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