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The House Select Committee is hoping to avoid mistakes made by previous investigations of Donald Trump's corruption.

Congressional investigators have the benefit of hindsight over special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and two impeachment inquiries, and Washington Post reporter Jacqueline Alemany told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" how they plan to overcome the mistakes made in past attempts to hold Trump accountable.

"Just to put a pin in this conversation on violence, I think what the committee has understood more so than previous congressional investigations is that facts can't necessarily change minds here, but feelings can," Alemany said, "which is why we're seeing such an emphasis on having people like [former Georgia election worker Shaye] Moss come speak to the intimidation tactics that have an effect, not just on people potentially running for office, but election workers trying to participate in democracy, the way these things undermine democracy overall."

"But the schemes of electors will be a big focus today," Alemany continued. "We're not totally sure if Ginni Thomas is going to be raised at all. We know it was under discussion yesterday amongst committee members, what we're hearing is it might actually not be completely relevant to the bigger picture story of John Eastman's legal coup and the implementation of it. Although, what Ginni Thomas was doing was also in line with this employ that John Eastman was proposing to the former president, along with legislatures."

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"I think we'll hear how the pressure was really overwhelming on these state players to submit phony slates of electors in order to halt the electoral certification," she added, "or at least apply pressure on the vice president to send it back to the state legislatures, to sort of actually implement the president's plan to overturn his defeat."

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