'A very powerful case': CNN legal expert says Jan 6 committee off to a stunning start
Supporters of President Donald Trump riot at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021. - Yuri Gripas/Yuri Gripas/TNS

Appearing early Friday morning after the House Select Committee on Jan 6th convened the first of six hearings, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin praised the work that was presented so far, saying there is good reason to believe there is evidence of criminality in the Donald Trump White House.

Speaking with host John Berman, Toobin was asked what stood out to him from the proceedings.

"Jeffrey, let me start with you, what did we see last night?" host Berman asked.

'I saw a lot of evidence" he began. "You know, what I was concerned about, as a citizen, was is this just going to be a political forum to attack Donald Trump. We didn't see that, we saw a lot of concrete evidence about what went on in this period."

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"Most especially the thing that really stuck with me was evidence that Donald Trump and everyone around him knew that he lost," he continued. "So this was not a good faith expedition on the part of the former president to find the votes that were actually cast, it was an attempt to overturn an election that he lost, and that's a hugely important distinction. Whether this was in good faith or not, and I think they made the beginning of a very powerful case that this was not in good faith, that this was a knowing attempt to overturn a decided election."

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