Members of Congress stunned by Secret Service 'bombshell' at Jan. 6 hearing
Secret Service agent outside Doanld Trump's vehicle (Photo by Thomas Samson for AFP)

WASHINGTON — After startling revelations revealed in Thursday's House Select Committee hearing on the Jan. 6 attack on Congress, members of Congress told Raw Story how horrified they were about what was known about the threats.

The Committee showed Americans that the Secret Service, the FBI and the White House all knew that the attacks were coming and they not only did nothing, but they kept it quiet.

"You know what's going through my mind is what about the Capitol Police who were having to fight for their lives to protect us and another branch of law enforcement knew what was going to happen? It just leads to a lot more questions," Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) told Raw Story outside of the committee hearing room.

She went on to say that Trump "owes the American public answers, he owes the police officers who fought for their lives, he owes the families of the police officers who lost their lives answers, he owes all of us who were there on Jan. 6 answers."

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Bustos also said that the news about the Secret Service being fully aware that attacks were coming was a "bombshell," that she didn't know was coming. "There's a million more questions. How could a branch of law enforcement had known this was going to happen and not done anything to stop it, proactively."

She also said that the House Oversight Committee is likely to look at this for the next steps over the coming months.

Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-NC) told Raw Story that he was told in a "high-level security briefing," that was private, that there was a possibility of violence. "I've been trying to reconstruct the call, but they knew the possibility was there."

While many knew of the possibility of violence, it was the FBI, the Secret Service and the White House that knew with certainty that it was going to happen. On Jan. 6, ahead of the attacks on the Capitol, the Secret Service knew that there were people with tactical body armor, AR-15s and other guns and weapons.

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Butterfield said he's disappointed with the administration for not doing anything to warn the Capitol of the violence.

"It's a sad day for American democracy," he said.

Butterfield also told Raw Story that doing a vote to subpoena Trump is absurd because there's no way he'd appear.

With additional reporting by Matt Laslo