Jared Kushner 'slow walked' carrying out Trump's craziest orders until he forgot he ever gave them: Michael Wolff
Jared Kushner appears on NBC's Today Show (screen grab)

Since leaving the White House, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump haven't been as close as they were during the previous four years.

Journalist Michael Wolff's new book, Landslide, describes Kushner's role over the four years in office as staffing up the White House with his own loyalists who could circumvent Trump's demands.

"The four-year history of the Trump White House was, in one sense, the unlikely story of the rise and strange effectiveness of Jared Kushner," wrote Wolff. "Much of the West Wing and campaign staffs were made up of people whom Jared had picked. Their common characteristic was that, while they were tolerant of Trump, they could be counted on to slow-walk his worst excesses; some, like Herschmann, acting for Kushner, even often sought to put a brake on them. Kushner, both for temperamental and strategic reasons, would not, in almost any circumstance, directly confront his father-in-law."

The book describes Kushner putting in layers of intentional bureaucracy that would delay and distract Trump. The book explained that such a "lag" in action "allowed the president's short attention span to pass."

"Everything that happened in the Trump White House was a product of the president's fevered impulses: a combination of resentments, dramatic flair, score settling, lack of knowledge or understanding, and a sense of what moved his audience," wrote Wolff. "But this was filtered through a management system Jared had created to lower the immediate temperature precisely to the point where the president would not notice and Jared would not be blamed. One of Kushner's own consistent justifications for his role, and one of his stated reasons for being in his father-in-law's White House, was that he made things less bad than they would otherwise have been."

In an interview with MSNBC Tuesday, Wolff explained that it was Jared and Ivanka's absence in wake of the 2020 election that allowed fanatics like Rudy Giuliani to move into the inner circle of influencers. It could ultimately be why Trump refused to accept his loss.

Now, six months since Trump has left the White House, Kushner and Trump aren't working together. Kushner told allies that it was to preserve their family relationship. Kushner is working on his book, with a handsome offer from publishers that Trump appears to be jealous of.

CNN reported that Kushner has been outright MIA in the new Trump World. The chief adviser and "micro-manager with far-reaching responsibilities and [who] had virtual carte blanche, has tapped out, say several people who worked closely with Kushner at the White House or are familiar with his thinking and told CNN on background in order to maintain relationships."

Some of the sources claim that Kushner is "done with his father-in-law's antics." Those close to Trump say that the former president is "angry with his son-in-law over the election loss." Trump has even confided in friends that he faults Kushner for losing.

It likely won't help when Trump learns that Kushner intentionally put up barriers to stop his demands.

Wolff's book, Landslide, is available on sale now.