Jim Acosta returns from vacation to blast Fox News host: 'Sounds like Tucker hates America'

CNN's Jim Acosta returned from vacation on Saturday and ripped Fox News personality Tucker Carlson for praising fascist Hungarian authoritarian Viktor Orbán, saying it "sounds like Tucker hates America."

Acosta has previously been harshly critical of Carlson. Acosta called him the Fox News "chief white power correspondent," made a joke about him spelling his name TucKKKer, and awarded the far-right broadcaster the "Bullsh*t Factory Employee of the Month" award.

"This week, Fox News personality Tucker Carlson took a break from spreading his usual propaganda here for a week-long field trip to Hungary, where he spread it there, especially fawning over the country's far-right leader, Prime Minister Victor Orbán, who calls his system of government an illiberal democracy.

"As you know, the Soviet Union used to use gullible foreigners to spread propaganda, but this seems different," Acosta said. "Tucker knows what he's doing."

"Oh, absolutely," replied authoritarian expert Ruth Ben-Ghiat.

"And it's so concerning that he's gushing about this autocrat," she said.

"It's very concerning and I wonder where he's going next. Maybe to Moscow to do an infomercial for Vladimir Putin. I guess we'll have to wait and see," Acosta said.


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