Jimmy Kimmel steps up his mockery of Mike Lindell after MyPillow CEO agrees to come on his show

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel might actually welcome the MyPillow CEO onto his show next week, according to his opening monologue.

Kimmel has been mocking Mike Lindell for several days.

"[Lindell] started it off with a 48-hour 'frankathon,'" said Kimmel. "Which was basically him passionately ranting from 8:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night. He claimed that almost 92 million people tuned in to see this."

Lindell seemed to freak out, ranting and raving in a way that many wondered if he was back on drugs. When Lindell learned that Kimmel had jokingly invited him onto the show, it turned into a whole different thing for the "frankathon."

"I have to admit, I was glued to this," Kimmel said of the wacky video. "I want the frankathon to go on for a week. Mike Lindell is like Saul Goodman, from 'Better Call Saul,' you know? He had a funny supporting role in one of the most incredible dramas of all time, but now that he's got his own show you appreciate what a character he is."

So Monday night, after Kimmel's show, where he attacked Lindell again, the frankathon people ran the transcript into him where Lindell read it live on the air.

"That was weird. Me sitting in my kitchen while the MyPillow guy reads my jokes to his sidekick," confessed Kimmel. "And he's going like, I wonder if Jimmy is watching? Yes, Jimmy was watching. He told some people at a rally he would pray for me and I wondered if he really did."

Lindell read aloud that Kimmel questioned whether Lindell really prays for him, which Lindell confirmed was true.

"Okay, good, I'll take that. Even though I know when he prays, God is like, 'Okay! Okay! I get it, I get it, too loud!' I learned a lot from Mike Lindell last night including the fact that our paths have crossed before," said Kimmel.

He played a clip of Lindell saying that the two saw each other at a Bob Seger concert.

The whole thing was a bonkers back and forth between Kimmel and Lindell's video reading the transcript of the Kimmel show from the night before. At one point Monday, Kimmel mockingly invited Lindell onto his show where they could cozy up on a bed of goose pillows. That sent Lindell into a tizzy explaining why goose down isn't apparently a good move for pillows. He then plugged his product again.

In the end, Kimmel made it clear that Lindell is happening, possibly next week.

See the bizarre, yet oddly satisfying video below: