'Bomb thrower' Trump lawyer may be trying to tank his own case: legal expert
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A legal expert slammed Trump attorney John Lauro as a “bomb thrower” who he suggested may be purposefully trying to tank his own case.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner during an appearance with progressive journalist Brian Tyler Cohen’s YouTube show Tuesday said that at the minimum, “this character John Lauro did not do himself any favors in front of Judge (Tanya) Chutkan.”

The interview followed Chutkan’s ruling Monday that the trial in the former president’s federal Jan. 6 election conspiracy case will start March 4, 2024.

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“He was a bomb thrower, he was using phrases like ‘this is a political prosecution, this is a show trial, this is a deep injustice.’ These are quotes. These are not the kind of arguments that a federal court judge wants to hear. They want to hear measured, principled arguments based on the evidence and the law. And instead, Lauro was just throwing red meat to Donald Trump's base,” Kirschner said.

Kirschner suggested that Lauro’s actions may have prompted Chutkan to select a date closer to special counsel Jack Smith’s request.

“She walked in there at the beginning of the hearing, and she said, the prosecution wants a January 2 trial date, the defense wants an April 2026 trial date. Neither of those two dates are appropriate. And I have to tell you, I was a little taken aback, and I thought she was going to do the Solomonic thing, and she's going to sort of split the difference right. And she kept asking Trump attorney John Lauro, she said flat out, ‘this trial is not going in 2026, give me an alternate, reasonable proposal about how much time you really need to prepare,’ and he wouldn't do it."

“He literally said, ‘the only appropriate trial date is the one week proposed to you, judge.’ Judge Chutkan said, ‘well, if that's the way you want to play it, I'm going to set a trial date that I believe is appropriate March of 2024, which is about six or seven months down the road. So, I think it was really poor lawyering. I don't think John Lauro did himself any favors and the reason I bring that up, is because it kind of colors my opinion about what will happen in the future. If all of a sudden, John Lauro or other defense lawyers representing Trump start coming up with excuses as to why they need more time.'"

“So is it possible that they could be kind of sabotaging their own case, so that they can then use that as a predicate to delay even further?” Cohen asked.

“Alright, sounds like you've been attending law school class because that's exactly what John Lauro did at the end of the status hearing,” Kirschner said.

“Here's what he did. He stood up once Judge Chutkan and said, March of 2024 and he got a little hysterical. I mean, he was very loud. He was told by Judge Chutkan and not once but twice, ‘bring down the temperature.’ Mr. Lauro, because he was loud, he was, you know, he had some theatrics and some hysterics going and he stood up and he said something that attorneys know they're not supposed to say. He said, ‘that will not give us enough time to prepare, so we will be ineffective attorneys, we will render ineffective assistance of counsel.’"

“Those are buzzwords because if somebody truly as a defendant receives ineffective assistance of counsel, that case will be reversed on appeal. But the thing is, you can't play games with it. You can't be the attorney who announces I will be ineffective. Therefore, my client's case will be reversed on appeal. It doesn't work that way.”

Watch the video below or at the link.

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