Morning Joe profanely slams 'frightening and terrible' Kari Lake's threats against democracy

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough gave a hilariously overwrought and profane takedown of Republican candidate Kari Lake's attacks on democracy and the free press.

The GOP nominee for Arizona governor, who's a former TV anchor herself, slurred reporters at a campaign event as "bastards" and accused her rival, secretary of state Katie Hobbs, of scheming to steal the election, and the "Morning Joe" host unloaded on her.

"Guess what, I got bad news for you, Kari," Scarborough said. "Even the Cyber 'punks' came out to your state trying to rig it, and they couldn't do it. So you're so sad they stole your election. Maybe you should talk to the county commissioners in Maricopa County because they said it was all bullsh*t what you're saying. Republicans, Kari, senators that ran it, they said it was all bullsh*t, Kari, but you're so sad. 'Oh, oh, I must prepare because if I lose to a woman who didn't even debate me, I better say the election was rigged because that would mean I'm a really terrible, frightening candidate.'"

"I just wonder, Kari, how does one go from hope and change and being a Barack Obama supporter, hope and change, to becoming an election denier," he added. "Hope and change is now so worried that she may lose to a woman who didn't even debate her. What's her name, Katie Hobbs? Did she even campaign, she's scared of her shadow. They're going to take her to Pennsylvania like on Feb. 2, and if Katie Hobbs doesn't see her shadow, what do we have, another six weeks of winter? I have never seen anybody more afraid to campaign than Katie Hobbs, but Kari Lake fears that she may lose, and if she loses, as she's pulled from the stage, she wants to grab the curtains of democracy and take it down with her."

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Watch the video below or at this link.

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