'Buckle up, buttercup': Kevin McCarthy served warning about continuing to defend Trump
Kevin McCarthy (Photo by Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

Appearing on "The Katie Phang Show" early Saturday morning, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner served a warning to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) that he will be in a world of hurt if he defies a House Jan 6th committee subpoena, an action which could, in turn, set him up for multiple criminal charges.

McCarthy, who is desperately hoping to take over as House speaker after the midterms election, had his lawyer send a letter to the committee this week telling them he will not comply and claiming the subpoenas it has issued are not constitutional -- a claim that has already been shot down by federal judges.

Speaking with former prosecutor Phang, Kirschner claimed the committee really has no choice but to refer the California Republican to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution.

"It seems hardly surprising that McCarthy will say he will likely defy the subpoena from the January 6th committee. Should the committee and will the committee, refer him to the DOJ for criminal prosecution?" host Phang prompted.

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"How can the committee not refer him to a criminal prosecution?" Kirschner shot back. "You cannot investigate crimes, including crimes by high government officials, if people just thumb their nose at lawfully-issued subpoenas. Make no mistake about it, courts have ruled over and over again that the committee was lawfully constituted, accordingly, and it is lawfully exercising its power."

"As a matter of principle, the January 6th committee must refer Kevin McCarthy for criminal contempt of Congress if he chooses to turn up his nose to the subpoena," he continued. "Someone better tell Kevin McCarthy to buckle up buttercup, there are a whole lot of crimes that you will be committing if you continue to conceal the misconduct of Donald Trump from the January 6th committee, and by extension, the American people."

"You are not just making the crime of contempt of Congress, you are potentially committing a crime of accessory after the fact and a misprision of a felony," he elaborated. "These are in Title 18 of the criminal code. I have the ugly big blue book of crimes; if you cover up the crimes of another, and those crimes are quote, 'recognizable in the eyes of the United States,' you are committing a criminal offense."

"McCarthy, potentially, has a whole lot of trouble coming his way if he continues to conceal the crimes of Donald Trump," he added.

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