Trump-loving lawyer blasted in defamation lawsuit: ‘A law license is not a license to lie’

On Monday, Dominion Voting Systems filed a scathing brief in their lawsuit against pro-Trump "kraken" attorney Sidney Powell, who is facing professional sanctions for repeatedly spreading lies and conspiracy theories that the company flipped votes in the presidential election to fraudulently give states to President Joe Biden.

Powell, wrote Dominion, is effectively asking the judge to create an "unprecedented immunity for attorneys to wage televised disinformation campaigns."

The company also took strong issue with Powell's legal defense that "no reasonable person" could have taken her lies about the election seriously and that her claims were merely opinion, saying that she "recklessly spread defamatory falsehoods" on TV. "A law license is not a license to lie," wrote Dominion.

Powell, who filed a number of half-baked lawsuits challenging the election results including one that mistakenly claimed Detroit, Michigan is part of Wisconsin, has been disavowed by even former President Donald Trump's campaign for her reckless antics. As recently as February, she continued to baselessly tell courts she could prove voter fraud in Michigan.

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