'Stop the Steal' lawyer Lin Wood says ‘we got played’ on 9/11-- and that George W. Bush should be in jail

Former Donald Trump lawyer L. Lin Wood has expanded the list of crazy conspiracy theories he's pushing.

Wood came to prominence pushing Donald Trump's "Big Lie" of election fraud. But he then quickly began pushing other conspiracy theories.

Two days before the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol, Wood pushed the QAnon conspiracy theory. In April, he bizarrely claimed he roamed the White House and Trump was still there.

By September, Wood was claiming the "Illuminati is real."

And on Friday, Wood went full 9/11 truther, as Boing Boing reported on Saturday.

"Nine eleven. You want to talk about that? Let's talk about CGI. You know what that is? Computer graphics generated images. You know what CGI is? You know what deep fake videos are? I know you know what Photoshopping is," Wood said.

He went on to allege it was all a plot to cover-up the theft of $3.5 trillion.

"And then all of a sudden, on 9/11, what appeared to be a plane hit one building, what appeared to be a plane in another building. Then, later that night, another building failed, and I wasn't hit by a dadgum thing. It was the building that went down, Building Seven, that had all the paperwork in it with respect to the missing money," he argued. "And the Pentagon got hit by a missile. There were no plane fragments found anywhere on any of the sites — New York, Pennsylvania, the Pentagon. And they just happened to hit where the papers were about the missing money."

"There are no coincidences. We got played. We got played by people that are so evil that for money they killed 2,800 Americans on that day, including policemen and firefighters," he argued.

Wood went on to say that former Republican President George W. Bush should be in jail.


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