Morning Joe slams Lindsey Graham for threatening ‘riots in the street’ to protect Trump from indictment
Lindsey Graham (CNN screenshot)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough pummeled Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for threatening "riots in the streets" if Donald Trump is indicted for taking classified documents to Mar-A-Lago and refusing to return them to the National Archives.

The FBI executed a lawful search warrant on the twice-impeached former president's private resort and seized boxes full of top-secret materials, and the "Morning Joe" host ripped Graham and other Republican lawmakers who went on TV over the weekend to defend Trump's actions -- and suggest that he be held above the law or else.

"These members of Congress that are suggesting that, or newspaper editorialists who are suggesting it is much to do about nothing, they'd all be in jail," Scarborough said. "I know because of the briefings I got when I was in the Armed Services Committee and the warnings we got. Yet here you have Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina saying in an interview yesterday, not that what Donald Trump did was okay, he didn't do something that would have Lindsey thrown in jail in a day."

"But now this threat of violence," Scarborough continued. "If you hold -- and this is where -- isn't this where it ends, really, for the Republicans? Joe Biden said the MAGA Trumpists, the semi-fascists, I don't know where the word 'semi' came from from. Isn't this where it ends? They say, if you hold our people to account, if it is really true that in America, no man is above the law, well, there's going to be violence. Because Donald Trump is above the law, Lindsey suggests. If Donald Trump is indicted for taking 25 top-secret documents, 67 confidential documents, 92 secret documents, and taking them from the White House and refusing to give them back to the federal government, despite them trying to work with him patiently. If he is indicted for doing something that would have members of Congress in jail immediately, well, there may be riots out there, there may be violence. That's Lindsey's warning."

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"Riots in the street, there's a threat of violence," Scarborough added. "Of course, Lindsey at least admitted the truth. When it comes to Donald Trump, he and other Republicans believe, quote, there is no law."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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