MAGA world is 'catatonic' about Tuesday losses — and they're lost about what to do next
Steve Bannon. (Nordiske Mediedager/Flickr)

Steve Bannon and the far-right have no idea what to do after seeing the so-called "red wave" turn to be a little more constipated than anticipated.

Any win at all for a Democrat isn't being believed by the right, according to MSNBC's Ben Collins, who has been watching the right on message boards all night. He first used the word "despondent" but said at one point that the real word was "catatonic."

"I don't think they had a plan for this, to be honest with you Rachel," said Collins. "I've been watching all of the most wonderful parts there this evening, InfoWars, and the Steve Bannon-style shows that he is populating this evening. They did not have a plan, and that is kind of interfering with their backup plan."

He explained that Arizona was going to be a key piece to their conspiracies and their fights, but that might not even matter anymore, said Collins.

"They want to make all of the, you know, what they call shenanigans, stuff happening down there with their viral lies about the voter tabulations this morning. They want to make that into a huge deal. And it might not even matter at the end of the day, depending on where the Democrats end up winning in Pennsylvania, in a battle, in Georgia, they are -- I can't really stress this, it's a very weird vibe on these sites. They seem a little bit despondent."

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has at times taken victory while also making attacks on candidates he said lost because they didn't support him enough and abandoned the "big lie."

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow asked if the MAGA world was believing what they saw in terms of the results. Collins said they don't. Every Democrat that is called, they think it is a fraud. That could indicate that violence is coming from the far-right in retaliation.

"There was a moment where I thought maybe they had pretaped some stuff earlier today, because they had kept going with the 'red wave' stuff," said Collins. "And then the tide turns at some point in the middle of the evening. They realize it was maybe not coming through in the way that it was. They were looking at all these other places that did not really line up with all the polls that we're seeing in the weeks beforehand. They sort of can't believe it. They really did not have a plan. They were making fun of the Democrats' ability to get out the vote while they started to lose some of these races."

Earlier in the day on Election Day, a former national security official at the Justice Department, Mary McCord, warned that the major thing would be watching and waiting for possible violence.

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