Morning Joe rips GOP 'freaks' in profane rant: 'What lies ahead if Trumpists keep winning?'
Joe Scarborough (Photo: Screen capture)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough called on Democrats to show how far out of the mainstream their Republican rivals have fallen since former President Donald Trump took over the party.

President Joe Biden has described the "MAGA crowd" as the "most extreme political organization" in recent U.S. history, and the "Morning Joe" host encouraged Democrats to keep pushing that message into the midterm elections.

"There have been hundreds of thousands of words written about working-class and middle-class Americans and why they were attracted to Trump's populist message at the beginning, why they're still disaffected and still don't want to go back to mainline candidates," Scarborough said. "But we need to look at the type of candidates that Jen Psaki and the White House are talking about. We need to look at what's before us and how extreme these Washington politicians, these MAGA Washington freaks are."

MAGA Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said joining the military was "like throwing your life away," while Rep. Madison Cawthorn called Ukraine's president Volodomyr Zelenskyy a "thug" and his government "incredibly evil," and Scarborough said voters needed to know about that.

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"This is also the guy that carries loaded guns to airports and films himself engaging in really disturbing acts," Scarborough said. "He needs help. Also, their fearless leader, Donald Trump himself, keeps calling Putin a genius, keeps calling the invasion of Ukraine brilliant, keeps refusing to condemn a war criminal that is killing Ukrainians every single day. This is the party. The White House should explain, this is the party that brought you 'Jewish space lasers.' This is the party that talked about the dude from Italy who they say stole the election with a satellite. Remember those bamboo particles that Republicans claimed were in Arizona ballots? Those [Cyber] Ninja freaks, whatever they were called, that went in and they were going to show that Biden stole the election but it ended up that they can't get even more vote -- they just get more votes for Joe Biden."

The party and its leaders have become consumed with conspiracy theories and overblown grievances that cost taxpayers money and undermined democracy.

"There's always been one phony controversy after another, so Republicans can govern by gesture and proclaim their need to be radical so they can own the libs," Scarborough said. "Lately, those politics of gesture have morphed into actual policies that are hurting you, that are hurting you and your family, that are hurting Americans in Trump states."

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott cost his state $4.2 billion in an anti-immigration stunt targeting truckers and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis could cost Orlando-area taxpayers more than $1 billion by dissolving Disney's self-governance around the Magic Kingdom, and the right-wing U.S. Supreme Court appears poised to roll back the right to abortion that has existed for nearly 50 years.

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"What lies ahead if Trumpists keep winning?" Scarborough said. "It's just getting worse. Candidates like J.D. Vance say they want the centralized state in Washington, D.C., to seize all assets of the Ford Foundation because they are insufficiently loyal to Donald Trump, a man that he still claims had the 2020 election stolen from him."

"These people are, if I can quote Aristotle here, crazy as a sh*thouse rat," he added.

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