GOP racing into 'political oblivion' to cover up crimes by 'failed reality host' Trump: Morning Joe
Joe Scarborough (Screen cap via MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said Republicans were driving themselves into "political oblivion" by staking out extreme positions to defend Donald Trump's lawlessness.

The former president's allies have called for civil war, retaliatory investigations and defunding the FBI after federal agents executed a search warrant at Mar-A-Lago, and the "Morning Joe" host mocked their efforts -- which he said would drive voters further away from the increasingly extreme Republican Party.

"When you look at what happens in polling, you look in the Senate races, they're underperforming," Scarborough said. "I mean, a year that should be massive for the GOP, and they just can't seem to connect the dots, and now, they're all rushing to the defense of a guy who likely broke the law and who's going to be brought to justice. They keep careening closer and closer to a cliff of political oblivion, and Americans can see it. They can see how hypocritical this Republican Party is."

"I understand people are upset, because they're going out [and saying,] 'This is war, this is war, let's tan our testicles, this is war' -- they're so extreme," Scarborough added. "They're hypocritical, and Americans can see through this grift. You see they're shocked by a legal search of classified documents, a legal search."

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The search was carried out in accordance with the law, but Republicans have already threatened to punish the Department of Justice and the FBI if they retake congressional majorities.

"They're shocked by the legal search of a residence but they're just fine with the violence that Donald Trump let loose on the U.S. Capitol," Scarborough said. "They claim they need law enforcement, but now they're screaming about needing to defund the most important law enforcement body in America that protects you and your family, and all of us. These Republicans, they attack any kind of investigations that look into Trump's activities. [House minority leader Kevin] McCarthy promises, if you elect us, we're going to once again launch our own witch hunts against law enforcement agencies who were trying to do their jobs, trying to enforce the law and trying to keep Americans safe."

"It's tortured logic," he added. "These twisted actions, all meant to defend a failed reality host, at the cost of harming America and its Constitution and its promise that no man is above the law. That's not radical, that's not a radical concept. It's sort of at the core of who we are as a nation, and the fact that the Republican Party of Washington, D.C., are melting down the way they are, it shows why they're in political trouble right now, and that's going to continue."

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