WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene claims vaccine door-knockers 'probably work for antifa by night'

Republican Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on Thursday night encouraged seniors — the group most at risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from COVID-19 — to resist getting vaccinated.

Speaking at a campaign fundraiser for her colleague, Illinois GOP Congresswoman Mary Miller, Taylor Greene warned "hundreds of older voters"' that federal agents, not local public health officials or volunteers, could soon show up at their doors if they don't get vaccinated, according to a report from St. Louis' Fox affiliate. Last week, Greene introduced the We Will Not Comply Act, which would allow people to sue if a business refuses them service because they aren't vaccinated against COVID-19.

"It gives you permission to tell Biden's little posse that's gonna show up at your door, you know, that intimidate you — they probably work for antifa by night, and then they come and intimidate you to take the vaccine by day — well, you get to tell them to get the hell off of your lawn," Greene said.

Earlier this week, Greene referred to health workers conducting vaccine outreach as "medical brown shirts," a reference to the paramilitary group that helped facilitate Adolf Hitler's rise to power.

During Thursday's event, Taylor Greene also claimed that COVID-19 is a "bio weapon" that was a made in a Chinese lab.

Video below.