MSNBC legal expert blames Marjorie Taylor Greene for hammer attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband: 'A kook with a lot of power'
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Screen Grab)

A panelist on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" drew a straight line between Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's conspiracy theories and the attack on House speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband.

Paul Pelosi was severely beaten by a hammer-wielding assailant in a politically motivated attack, and Florida prosecutor Dave Aronberg blamed Republican elected officials for encouraging violence.

"All this stuff is based on 2020 election lies, so, you know, there are a lot of people who want to both-sides this, but misinformation about the 2020 election is really only coming from one side," said Aronberg, the state attorney for Palm Beach County. "It is true that we have seen extremist political violence from both sides. You mentioned the shooting of [Rep.] Steve Scalise at a congressional baseball practice, but it's not quite accurate to blame both sides equally for overheated political rhetoric that leads to violence."

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"On the right, it's some party leaders and elected officials who are the conspiracy theorists," he added. "It's Marjorie Taylor Greene, who accused Nancy Pelosi of having her own private gestapo police to target Republicans. Now, she said it was a 'gazpacho' police, because it's Greene and that's who she is, but her supporters got the message. She said Nancy Pelosi was guilty of treason and reminded her supporters that the penalty for treason is death. Marjorie Taylor Greene is about to become a committee chair. She may be a kook but potentially one with a lot of power soon."

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