Mark Meadows helped endanger lives to make money off his book: Ex-Homeland Security aide to Pence
Mark Meadows. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Former President Donald Trump has been mocked over the past several days for his bizarre rant while crashing a wedding and a grammatical error in a press release that ultimately called himself an idiot.

Speaking about the "pathetic" Trump, former Homeland Security aide and adviser to Vice President Mike Pence, Olivia Troye, also spoke out against chief of staff Mark Meadows for knowing that Trump was endangering staff in the White House.

Meadows penned his story saying that Trump knew he was COVID-positive before it was publicly announced that he had the virus. Trump likely infected several people attending events in the White House and other places.

"It's Donald Trump in keeping with who he truly is if he's not attacking military generals even though he proclaims to be a big supporter of the military or undermining them or putting out ridiculous statements that usually don't actually even make sense, it's part of the insanity of who this man is, unfortunately," said Troye.

When Troye mentioned Meadows, she pointed out his new book and that he is endeavoring to profit off of irresponsible behavior that he enabled.

"I found it infuriating because all of these people know and lived what I did," said Troye. "They know how firsthand how reckless Trump was, especially during the onset of the COVID pandemic. And thinking back to that moment of the fact that here we have the leader of the country of the time putting these families' lives at risk. These are the families that had a family member pay the ultimate sacrifice for our country and the plain disregard and disrespect shown. And yet, you have a whole group of people surrounding this man who are enabling him. None of these people came forward to tell the truth about what was happening. And coming forward could've saved lives at the time. And I think it's just — it just goes to show that a lot of this is done in self-interest. Mark Meadows decided that this was a story that he would finally tell the truth about what this man was capable of, his behavior. But he saves it because it's for-profit in a book."

She went on to call it self-aggrandizing but noted the greatest concern is that Meadows helped Trump endanger others

"I keep thinking about who got infected that day from covid possibly," she said. "And I just think about how deplorable it was to put other staff consistently at risk. And I know the extent that they're capable of going, you know, the extent they'll go to, to cover up when things like this happened."

Meadows then came out and admitted that it was fake news.

"It must be nice to cherry-pick when you decide to tell the truth for profit or else decide that you're going to double down and continue a lie for someone who you continue to be loyal to," she said of Meadows' decision to admit his book was false. "But the fact of the matter is I think Mark Meadows, he's at a crossroads right now, I would say. He needs to decide which path to go on. Is he going to continue to be loyal to a man that is, quite frankly, waning in his power, especially in the Republican Party?"

She noted, however, that Trumpism isn't fading, but that the man himself benefits from GOP loyalty that Americans no longer have for him.

"But what I'm saying is will he remain committed to a man, or is he going to actually start to cooperate, to tell the truth of what really matters, in a moment that really matters, especially when it's come the events of January 6th," she said.

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