Furious Trump has been ripping Mark Meadows over the 'garbage' he revealed in his new book: report

According to a report from the Daily Beast, any hope that former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows may have had that Donald Trump would be pleased with his new book has gone down in flames with the former president furious about revelations contained in it.

As the Beast's Adam Rawnsley and Asawin Suebsaeng report, Meadows appears to have believed that his book would make Trump -- and his four years in office -- look good but that hasn't been the case as the one-term president has been "scolding" him behind the scenes while also calling friends to complain about the book.

According to the report, Trump has complained that the book, "The Chief’s Chief," is "f*cking stupid."

"In his efforts to write a hit book, Meadows apparently failed to fully grasp that what he confessed to amounted to a massive cover-up, led by Trump and himself, that needlessly endangered the lives of staff, family, military families, and various guests of the White House, as well as now-President Joe Biden. Whether Meadows realized it or not, it’s an incredible story," the report states before adding, "Trump’s displeasure toward Meadows this week was volcanic."

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"According to two sources with knowledge of the matter, and another person close to Trump, the ex-president has spent an inordinate amount of the past few days privately railing against Meadows, the revelation in the memoir, and, of course, the extensive media coverage of the matter. Both in conversations with confidants, social pals over the phone, or in person, Trump has made a point of aggressively scolding his former chief of staff behind his back this week. The former president has, for instance, said that he didn’t know ahead of time that Meadows was putting that 'garbage' about the positive test in his memoir, two of the people said," the Beast is reporting.

Meadows has been doing damage control as he hits the cable shows, including going on Newsmax and calling the reports on the excerpts from the book "fake news" after Trump blew up on him.

The Beast report also adds, "If Meadows’ book wasn’t bad enough for him, there are signs it could affect his legal case to avoid testifying before the Jan. 6 Committee, thus further complicating his relationship with Trump."

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