​Melania Trump's business dealings 'unclear' after financial disclosures released
Melania Trump (Photo by Alex Edelman for AFP)

On Friday, Donald Trump finally released his long-awaited personal financial disclosures to the Federal Election Commission after repeated warnings that he was late, and according to the New York Times, there was a lot missing that needs to be updated.

As part of the Times' analysis of the 101-page document, the report notes that the former president has been particularly successful in some of his outside ventures including his Truth Social media platform and his NFT sales that were projected to hit $100 million, and will likely come in closer to $6 million.

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According to the Times, Melania Trump has done well for herself as she cashes in on her four years as first lady, but raised questions about what exactly her company, MKT World LLC, does.

The Times reports that Melania's company shares the same address as Trump International Golf Club, and is reporting earnings and royalties of between $1 million and $5 million.

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"While the company’s exact business dealings were unclear, Ms. Trump has found multiple ways to monetize her ties to Mr. Trump since leaving the White House. In January 2022, she put up for auction a digital portrait of herself by a French artist, a print of the portrait and a white hat she once wore at the White House while meeting the president of France," the report states.

The Times also noted her deal with conservative social-media site Parler, although financial details are unavailable. That news comes on the heels of a Wall Street Journal report that Parler is now under new ownership and has been temporarily shuttered as the new management conducts a "strategic reassessment."

You can read the Times report here.