Rudy Giuliani's star 'voter fraud' witness booted off the ballot in Michigan
Rudy Giuliani (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

On Tuesday, the Detroit Free Press reported that Mellissa Carone, Rudy Giuliani's infamous voter fraud witness in Michigan, has been disqualified from running for Congress.

"Carone was planning to challenge Sen. Mike MacDonald, R-Macomb Township, in the 11th District," reported Craig Mauger. "She was previously disqualified from running for the state House after she submitted a faulty affidavit attesting that she had no outstanding campaign finance issues."

"Carone had gained national attention by making unproven claims of fraud in Michigan's 2020 election," said the report. "Her testimony at a December 2020 state House committee hearing alongside former President Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani was parodied on 'Saturday Night Live.'"

"Michigan election law requires candidates to vow that 'as of the date of the affidavit, all statements, reports, late filing fees, and fines required of the candidate or any candidate committee organized to support the candidate's election under the Michigan campaign finance act … have been filed or paid,'" noted the report. "The candidates disqualified over campaign finance issues 'all had outstanding campaign finance reports or unpaid fines at the time they signed the affidavit of identity,' the Secretary of State's office said."

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A colorful figure even before her hearing, Carone previously was put on probation after a strange incident in which she allegedly sent sex videos to her fiancé’s ex-wife.

In the race, Carone has gathered more controversy by claiming that public schools are plotting to "eliminate the white people" and that the COVID vaccine is the "mark of the beast" and contains aborted fetal tissue.