Exclusive: Michael Cohen details cooperation with four separate Trump investigations in new legal filing

Longtime Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen detailed his cooperation with four separate investigations into his former boss in a new legal filing reviewed by Raw Story.

In the 21-page document filed on Wednesday, attorney David Schwartz asks Judge Jesse Furman to discharge Cohen from supervised release.

He argued Cohen "proved to be an invaluable government asset" in four different Trump investigations.

The filing noted a total of twelve meetings with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, arguing that "Cohen had no obligation to meet with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, and he received no benefit from doing so.

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The document noted three meetings with New York Attorney General Letitia James, claiming Cohen "voluntarily provided the NYAG with several important documents"

The filing also noted seven interviews with the South District of New York U.S. Attorney's Office and "roughly" ten meetings with the office of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Michael Cohen filing

In addition to the investigations, Cohen's lawyer also noted cooperation with Congress.

"Specifically, Mr. Cohen met with the House Oversight Committee on three occasions, the House Intelligence Committee on three occasions, the Senate Intelligence Committee on three occasions, and individual members of Congress for countless hours preparing for hearings," the filing noted.