Mitch McConnell 'must be having that sinking feeling again' -- here's why
Mitch McConnell (Photo via AFP)

Discussing polls that show that Donald Trump-backed J.D. Vance's U.S. Senate campaign is flailing in Ohio -- and Dr. Mehmet Oz is having similar problems in Pennsylvania -- "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough suggested Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) must be beside himself at the prospect that he won't take control of the Senate in November in large part because of Trump's influence in the primaries.

With co-host Mika Brzezinski pointing out that Vance is now trailing Rep. Tim Ryan (D) 49-38 percent in the most recent polling for a seat currently held by Republicans, Scarborough said GOP hopes of reclaiming both chambers of Congress are rapidly fading.

According to the MSNBC host, Republicans are not helping McConnell's cause with their extremist policies.

"You look at the Republicans you look at what they're doing with legislation across the country," Scarborough began. "You look at 10-year-old girls having to flee their states who are raped because the state is going to force them to have their rapist's baby. You look at other Republican legislators that are putting together a rapist's family's bill of rights that, if a young girl is raped and tries to end the pregnancy, the rapist's family members can sue her for $20,000, each one of them can. In Texas, they're fighting the federal government's attempt to stop moms from dying on operating tables."

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"This is really crazy stuff," he insisted. "We saw it play out in Kansas the other day. Now, you look again at Butters [Scarborough's nickname for Vance] and Dr. Oz and some of these crackpots, some of these phonies running. I mean, I've got to believe, if you're Mitch McConnell, if you're a Republican, that actually thought this year was going to be easy, you've got to be shaking your head at this point."

"Mitch McConnell has seen it before, Joe," MSNBC contributor John Heilemann added. "He did some interviews earlier this year where he was like, you know, you could tell he was haunted by the specter of 2014 and some other of the elections where they have -- they had issues -- 2010."

"Then this tendency in this new century for Republicans to, especially on the Senate side, to mess up opportunities to win seats they should be able to win," he continued. "Mitch McConnell knows what this feels like, and he must be having that sinking feeling again."

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