‘Doing nothing is a sin’: Morning Joe unloads on GOP for refusing to stop the ‘slaughter of babies’ by guns
Joe Scarborough (Screen cap via MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough framed gun safety laws as a moral imperative, and not a political issue.

Republicans have resisted talking about measures to prevent the epidemic of mass shootings, saying it was unfair to politicize gun rights, but the "Morning Joe" host said it was long past time to discuss ways to keep military-style weapons from falling into the hands of killers.

"Standing by and doing nothing after little children are slaughtered in classrooms with weapons of war that are designed to be the most effective means of reducing flesh to a bloody mush, that is not a political failing -- that is a moral failing," Scarborough said. "We need to protect little children in schoolyards from assassination. We need to protect grandmothers shopping for their children and their family in grocery stores, from having a bullet tear through their brain. We have an urgent need to protect Christians in their churches, Jews in their synagogues, Muslims in their mosques and to protect country music fans singing along to their favorite songs from being murdered in a bloody rampage by, again, weapons of war."

"Saving the lives of these Americans, that's not a political necessity, that is a moral necessity, and doing nothing to stop this carnage is a sin," Scarborough continued. "Let me say it again. Doing nothing to stop this ongoing carnage is a sin, and telling others to shut their mouths while the slaughter continues, to not talk about it -- you can't talk about it. Do not talk about it, that would be political. Well, that's evil, and that evil cannot be allowed to prevail in press conferences in Texas and statehouses across the South, and it cannot be allowed to fester any longer in the United States Senate."

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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing," he added. "We've heard that our whole lives. Well, it's time for senators to do something. Pass universal background checks, take at least a small step, just the first step in a thousand-mile journey, to start, to begin stopping the slaughter of babies, and putting the protection of life over the twisted, fever dreams of a paranoid minority that is dominating our political process, dominating our schools, dominating our churches, dominating our grocery stores, dominating our lives. It's time once again to make sure that our kids can walk into their classrooms to learn, and to be able to live to tell their parents about it."

Watch the clip below or at this link.

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